High Repetition Bodybuilding

Performing high repetitions (10-14 reps per set) for the bulk of your muscle building routine which ensure your muscles are working primarily toward gaining size, and you will find very little strength increases following such a regime. This is high repetition bodybuilding - where strength isn’t important and size is everything.

I don’t like it or buy in to it, and I’ll tell you why I think you should avoid it at all costs…

When you only perform high reps in your workouts the muscles do get bigger, but they fill with extra materials. It’s not necessarily your muscles growing, but its various liquids, acids and such which give the appearance of larger muscles. This seems silly to me. What’s the point in getting bigger if you’re still as weak as the guy standing next to you? You would look rather foolish if challenged to an arm wrestle, that’s for sure.

I do believe in going through high repetition phases over the course of your bodybuilding program, say for 4-6 weeks, to mix things up and keep your muscles adapting to new stimulus, but then it’s back to lower and medium repetition work so that actual muscle growth and real strength gains can occur.

For strength and size gains you should be performing 6-8 reps on each of your workouts - once you have made significant gains in strength and size, then you can blast your muscles with high repetition workouts for a brief period to squeeze a little extra growth out of them. Then go right back to 6-8 reps.

High repetition bodybuilding isn’t something I believe anyone should do as the be all and end all of their muscle building program, unless you take steroids and spend hours in the gym and have dreams of competing on stage. That isn’t what I’m about though, nor is my website. Let’s keep it real over here.

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